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Hit up Mobara circuit the other day and the club drift guys were having all sorts of fun.  Drifters seem to love cameramen, point your lens their way and all chaos breaks out. Hands on the wheel boys!


Sunday drive…literally!

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The definition of ‘Sunday drive’ takes on a whole new meaning when Nakai-san takes his RWB out for a skid on Sunday.  This car has such a menacing stance, even the old ladies can’t help but look when he drives past…

Idlers RWB 86

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I was lucky enough to recently experience the Idler’s Games at Tsukuba Circuit first-hand.  Even better RWB’s Nakai-san invited me out and looked after me for the day.  RWB Porsches galore and a couple of individual special rides Mr Nakai has tuned as well.  I was rather suprised to find out he had done an 86.  Not hard to guess which one in the picture is the odd one out, the distinct RWB style jumps out at you!

More of the RWB Porsches coming soon right here and on the Facebook page!

In the mean time…enjoy.

Welcome to the blog!

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We decided that it was time to jump on the JDM bandwagon and get a blog cranking. There is too much sacked, widened, and tuned stuff running riot in Japan so it’s time to start capturing it all for you.

Keep checking back as we bring you loads of media from all over Japan.


Facebook fanpage…

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We have been running a Facebook page with action from all the events covered.  Photos and galleries are all uploaded here so jump onboard and join up!

You can find me at: